Spring 2019:  Reidsville Public Library

  "Lift Me Upwards" - an interactive mural.  4-7-19


Mermaid Wrapture:  2019, Airlie Gardens. Wilmington, NC

Featuring a wrap around design, this sculpture is aptly named "Mermaid Wrapture."  On exhibit at Airlie Gardens.

        Greetings From Reidsville Public Mural

I finished this 43' x 16' public mural in downtown Reidsville, NC on 11-23-18.  I was commissioned by the Reidsville Downtown Corporation for this public art. 

Video featuring close up views of all ten of the the letters.
Close up views of the paintings inside the Reidsville Mural Letters
         Making of the Greetings From Reidsville Mural
Making of the Greetings From Reidsville Mural
         Making of the Reidsville Teen Center Murals
The story of the interior redesign and murals created in 2018 for the City of Reidsville, NC.

Mary E D Ryan, Artist/Designer/Consultant

151 Grady Road,  Reidsville, NC 27320

603-499-6226     meryansmail@gmail.com


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