I create murals from small designs to large images over full size walls both interior and exterior.  I have painted entire rooms from floor to ceiling in nature images as well as large pieces on panels mounted to walls. I work with the desires of my private, government, and commercial clients and select the designs, colors, images, and feelings they wish to enjoy in the space.   Contact me to inquire about mural or design work in your private or public spaces.  It costs nothing to talk about a mural plan you may have in mind, and quotes are free.  I can help you to develop a great custom design.




In June of 2020 I completed the Tree Planter Project for the City of Reidsville, NC.  For the city's new tree planter boxes I painted 28 panels of wood using colored wood stains and sealer.  There are 14 abstract designs and 14 illustrative paintings of area flora and fauna and wildlife, and the panels have been installed onthe sides of the planters.  A walk or ride along the business district of Reidsville's South Scales Street is all it takes to enjoy this public art project.  Walking is recommended to see the art and what's new downtown. I'm currently doing an extensive mural project inside the Rockingham County Animal Shelter  featuring the portraits of animals who have been rescued and adopted through this shelter.  I expect it to take me the rest of 2020 to complete it, possibly longer.  Upcoming projects for summer /fall include murals at Willa Ashe Boutique in Madison, NC and Lucky City Brewers in Reidsville, NC.  I share about the process and progress of my public art projects on my Facebook page (A Life of Joy by Mary E D Ryan Art), and on Instagram (@joyfulmaryedryanart), and I do video updates there. Visit my social media pages to keep tabs on my latest projects.  Just click the icons below.