Artist/Muralist/Public Artist/Designer

I have been a natural artist since I was old enough to pick up a paint brush. I began art lessons at four years old and won my first competition by age five. I have acquired my art skills through many art teachers, other artists, and through my own exploration and hands on experience in the arts running my own art gallery.  I was responsible for all online and bricks and mortar business management, finance, and marketing as well as the collective of over 50 artists and artisans who were represented along with myself at the gallery. I curated monthly shows with featured artists, taught a variety of art classes in the studio, and hosted numerous community arts events.  I have enjoyed teaching children in various mediums.  Art and design are second nature to me and have always been a part of my life. 


Artist Statement

I work through an empathic process as an artist. All elements of the Universe are designed to work in unison and cooperation for peace, serenity, and the joy of ALL. Only with equality and respect for one another can this kind of world exist on our planet Earth. Releasing dogmatic thinking, conflict, and the mentality of duality results in the ability to reach the understanding that we are all part of the one Divine & Sacred ALL: equal, beautiful, and precious. Separation, competition, and conflict does not serve any aspect of our existence. Growing together through kindness, consideration, empathy, and love is the ultimate spiritual task of humanity, and it is our most high expression. Within my art are images, symbols, and concepts of this . . . . . mysticism, magic, the sacred, wisdom, and spirituality, as well as joyful imagery from the otherworld of the imagination. I enjoy the inspiration of a very playful muse who loves to express all these things, and has a passion for color. I am compelled to offer a glimpse of the joyful, mystical life in everything I create, and through a variety of mediums.

Mary E D Ryan, Artist/Designer/Consultant

151 Grady Road,  Reidsville, NC 27320


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