Artist/Muralist/Public Artist/Designer

I have been a natural artist since I was old enough to pick up a paint brush. I began art lessons at four years old and won my first competition by age five. I have acquired my art skills through many art teachers, other artists, and through my own exploration and hands on experience in the arts running my own art gallery.  I was responsible for all online and bricks and mortar business management, finance, and marketing as well as the collective of over 50 artists and artisans who were represented along with myself at the gallery. I curated monthly shows with featured artists, taught a variety of art classes in the studio, and hosted numerous community arts events.  I have enjoyed teaching in various mediums.  Art and design are second nature to me and have always been a part of my life. 


Artist Statement

I work through an empathic process as an artist. I seek creative harmony using color, pattern, composition, painted texture, and natural elements. I strive for art that is whole, magnetic, balanced, and joyful. Into my artwork I infuse my most high expression: kindness, consideration, empathy, and love. I favor colors, symbols, and concepts of mysticism, magic, sacred wisdom, and joyful imagery from both visions and my imagination, as well as nature. I enjoy the inspiration of a very playful muse who loves to express all these things, has a passion for vivid color, and is drawn to a variety of mediums.  I create a wide range of art from exquisitely small art tile jewelry to extremely large murals.  My passion and my favorite is working large, especially public art murals that bring joy to volumes of people as they pass through and by these places.  Public art invigorates people.  It impacts humanity as a source of healing through color and design, and it fosters wellness both energetically and psychologically.  I especially love to interact directly with the community while creating public art, to have people observe what I am doing, and to teach them about my process.  I love talking to people of all ages and backgrounds.  This helps people to feel that they have been a tiny part of the creation of the art itself, simply by their presence and input, and they are therefore a part of history.  It is most gratifying to observe how public art uplifts people, spaces, and communities.  Public art bonds people together through the art, despite what they may perceive as their "differences."